Knowledge is Power: Day of Education for HB2 and Activism

Poster_HB2&ActivismKnowledge is Power:
Day of Education for HB2 and Activism

Date: October 20th, 2013
Time: 12pm-5pm
Location: The North Door
Full Bar and Food Service Available
No Cover
Donations Welcome
All Ages Welcome

The objective of this teach-in is to explain the cause and effects of HB2, as well as, how to participate in various forms of activism that initiate change. The event is aimed to educate and empower individuals with enough knowledge, so that they may be equipped to engage in their respective communities and be a part of a larger movement that requires full participation.

12:00pm Purpose and Outline of event by Kristian Caballero

12:15-12:45pm Medical/Healthcare aspects taught by Brittany Yelverton (Planned Parenthood)
12:45-1:00pm Q&A
1:10-1:40pm Legal/Political aspects taught by Heather Busby (NARAL)
1:40-1:55pm Q&A

2:05-2:35pm Direct Action taught by Tiffani Bishop (GetEqual Tx)
2:35-2:50pm Q&A
3:00-3:30pm Grassroots Organizing taught by Mike Corwin (ISO/Occupy AISD)
3:30-3:45pm Q&A
3:55-4:25pm Voting taught by Megan Klein (Battleground Texas)
4:25-4:40pm Q&A

***For those who cannot physically attend, the event will be videographed and livestreamed, so it will be accessible online.***


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