VOTE! SXSW Panel Picker Digital Media & HB2

Jessica Luther, Andrea Grimes, Nancy Cardenas and Julie Gillis have a panel proposal on Panel Picker!
Can Stories Turn Texas Blue: Digital Media And HB2
Citizen activism is at an all time high, using digital tools such as Twitter, Storify, and Vine to immediately telegraph and signal boost stories from the ground to the cloud. In 2013, the Texas Legislature held two special sessions on one of the most restrictive abortion bans in the US. Initial hearings were held and citizens were cut off from being able to speak. Because of this, thousands of pro-choice Texas citizens traveled to the Capitol to testify. While the stories were told in person, and by Wendy Davis during a filibuster in the first session, digital media elevated the testimonies to a national and global level. The use of storytelling technology, old and new alike, allowed citizens to change the very nature of the debate and call attention in a bold new way to how politics can work at the state level, all while invigorating a brand new generation of activists.
Please log into to SXSWi Panel Picker (or create an account, it’s easy) and search for our panel  Then give it a thumbs up and we’ll tell the tale of HB2 and Texas activism!

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