Evening Rally for #SpeakOut!: Another UT-Austin Student of Color Attacked by Bleach Bomb

speak out
Where: Nueses Mosque (1906 Nueces Street, Austin, Texas 78705)
When: August 28th 6PM-7:30PM
Last Wednesday, August 21, UT-Austin student, Bryan Davis, was the latest target in a continued trend of “bleach bomb” attacks at the university.
These blatant acts have primarily targeted students of color, the concept being to “whiten” them.  Besides the open racism inherent in these attacks, the reality is that someone can be seriously injured and even blinded by the bleach filled balloons.  …
As community members, students and alumni we are concerned for the safety of students of color attending UT.  They are under attack – both by their fellow students as well as the administration.  Their fellow students commit hate crimes and the administration protects these perpetrators by blaming the victims of the attacks for not working with the alleged system of justice which has so clearly failed them.
Students of color have been standing up, speaking out and demanding justice of the administration for more than a year now, and it is time that UTPD and similar institutions answer their call.  The powers named have a history of protecting perpetrators of racialized violence committed in major campus areas – we are calling for an end to this form of terrorism being waged against people of color – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.
These acts of hate diminish the safety not only for the people directly attacked, but also for their community. The perpetrators of these actions should be held accountable rather than protected.  EVERYONE deserves to be treated with respect, ALL STUDENTS should be able to walk on campus without fear.
The Black Student Alliance & L.E.A.D. will be holding rallies to speak out against these actions this WEDNESDAY AUG 28.
The BSA will be holding a rally at noon and will be meeting at the Martin Luther King Jr. Statue on the East side of campus.  You can find more information on the Facebook event page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/156281281244875/?ref=3.
For those who can not make the noon rally, L.E.A.D. will be holding another rally beginning at 6pm, meeting on Nueces Street between 21st and MLK – in front of Nueces Mosque.  This is an opportunity for community members to come out, show their support and stand in solidarity with those committed to ending the war against people of color.
Whichever you can attend, please go and #speakout! Bring your voices, banners, signs & friends so that we can show the administration and students that public safety is for ALL and that hate will not trump the power of the people!

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